Anne Stokes Dragon Love for Brave & Tranquil Heart


Dragon will comfort me as gently as he cradles my perfect crystal, and promises to keep my crystal’s powers for a brave and tranquil heart.

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The Dragon Love for Brave and Tranquil Heart shows us a Silver Dragon who is carefully guarding a crystal much larger than himself. The dragon keeps the crystal close to his heart and protects it from those who may try to to take it. He wraps his body and wings around it to fight off any evil forces that may come. This crystal is pure and true.

Known for her beautiful designs, Anne Stokes gives us another beautiful dragon and crystal pendant. In this rendition she offers us a great dragon who guards a clear crystal. Dragons have been known to be guardians of treasures since the beginning of time. And this is no ordinary dragon, for he is a silver dragon, a descendant of the moon dragons and has the Yin energy. The crystal that he holds is a clear crystal formed from the clearest waters and air of the depths of the sea. Water and air combines to form a crystal that reflects light.

This silver dragon is a giver of courage, while the crystal blesses those who carry it the peace and tranquillity of the heart. Clear crystals are known to aid the projection of the eight chakra which helps the person connect more with the spirit. Wear it and be filled with brave tranquillity. The kind of heart that is not afraid of any battles in life yet is peaceful even in the fiercest storms.

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