Victory Banner for Strength of Purpose


Victory of the activities of body, speech and mind over obstacles and negativities is powerfully symbolized in this classical Tibetan charm.

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Where there is Dharma there is Victory” has been one of the greatest teachings of the Great Buddha. Dharma is the cosmic order of things. It is also the right of passage and the transformation of one’s self into a person who is clean and abiding. Once a person is able to attain the dharma, he is able to find victory. He is able to find balance in his mind, body, acts, the way he talks and thinks.

Dharma also includes the duties, the rights, the virtues and cosmic order of all things that make our existence and other things’ existence possible. Through Dharma we can find victory.

This classical charm signifies the duties that we as children of the universe to act in accordance to proper dharma and ensure the balance of the world. Once we attain the balance, we bring about peace. Peace brings about vicotry.

Victory comes not from defeating one’s enemies alone, but it comes from the courage to withstand any outcome that may happen in life.

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