Vajra for Attaining Goals


The Vajra is symbol of the path to Perfection. Meditation on the jewel at its centre helps the wearer to achieve perfect state of being.

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The Vajra is a symbol that literally means “thunderbolt” or “diamond”. It has been a symbolic weapon that has gone down through many centuries from Hinduism and Buddhism. It was said that that the Vajra was the weapon of the god Indra, ruler of the heavens. He used the vajra to vanquish sinners.

The Vajra is a beautiful symbol that is both irresistible and strong. Similar to the thunderbolt of Zeus, this symbolic weapon combines both the male and female attributes and thus delivers a balance of powers. It is also a symbol of perfection and steadfastness much like a diamond which is stronger and more beautiful than other gems.

The Vadjra mainly carries three symbolisms and teachings in Buddhism. It symbolises perfect creativity, skilfulness and powerful abilities to attain one’s goals. It is a symbol of the ability to have the strength to carry out one’s dreams into reality. It is also a symbol of courage through any adversity.

Wear this pendant as a token of your dreams. Wear it to show that you are aiming for perfection and you want to reach the sky much like a thunderbolt. Be like a diamond that is strong and pure and enduring despite any troubles that come your way.

Approximate size: 1⅝” x 1″

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