Saptaratna Stone for Spiritual Wealth


This jewel purifies the heart and represents all the treasures of Buddhism. Known as the wish granting stone. Wear it for purity of heart.

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The Saptaratna Stone for Spiritual Wealth is a stone that signifies the seven treasures of the Buddhist teachings. These treasures are gold, silver, lapiz lazuli, sea shell, agate, pearl and carnelian. They symbolize seven teachings that an enlightened one should have. These are correct teaching, believing such teachings, keeping the teachings and following them, meditating, practising the works of Buddhism diligently, letting go of worldly attachments and always reflecting about one’s self.

It is said that there is such a thing as spiritual and worldly desires. Worldly desires should be forgotten and we need to let them go. Desire is the root cause of suffering and all evil. On the other hand pure desires of the heart such as peace and wisdom bring about success and joy. These desires are given to those who follow the sacred teachings and commit to the dharma of life.

The Saptaratna stone is known to be a talisman that helps people acquire peace and clarity of mind. Thus this brings about wisdom and grants pure desires that lead to balance and purity.

Wear this as a sign of your steadfast need for balance and goodness. Approximate size: 2″ x 1″

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