Hand of Buddha for Courage and Fearlessness


The image of Buddha’s hand gestures the Abhaya Mudra, Buddha counsels: “Fear not.”,

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The Hand of Buddha for Courage and Fearlessness holds up the essence of the hand gesture of Abhaya Mudra. Abhaya Mudra has been the symbol of peace, courage and fearlessness. In may Indian and eastern religions showing your right palm outward is a sign of regard and peace. It is a symbol of not holding contempt and danger against anyone by showing a free and peaceful hand.

In Buddhism, the Dharma of Courage is needed in order to dispel fear. Fear is one of the oldest human emotions. Fear brings about anger, sorrow, discontentment and prejudice. When courage is upon one’s heart, a person is able to stand against fear. Fear is a negative energy that can only be balanced and countered by the positive energy of courage. There is the fear of death and injury, the fear of pain and death, the fear of loss and losing connections and the fear of facing arbitrary moments in life.

This pendant shows the Abhaya Mudra as a reminder to strengthen one’s heart against any form of fear. In the palm of Buddha is the Saptaratna. This stone represents the seven riches. The stone is meant to resonate with this seven treasures of Buddhism that symbolizes the seven virtues. Gold, silver, lapiz lazuli, sea shell, agate, pearl and carnelian. They invoke the correct teaching, believing such teachings, keeping the teachings and following them, meditating, practising the works of Buddhism diligently, letting go of worldly attachments and always reflecting about one’s self.

Wear this pendant to remind you to fear not and be strong in the times of strife and sorrow. Approximate size: 1¼” x 1¼”

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