Buddhist Wheel for Continual Learning


Most ancient of all Buddhist symbols, the eight-spoked Dharmachakra wheel sitting above the endless knot evokes all the symbols and teachings of Buddhism.

Approximate size: 2″ x 1″

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This pendant shows the Dharmachakra or the Wheel of Law. The Dharmachakra holds the eight sacred teachings of Buddhism such as the correct faith, correct purpose, correct way of speaking, correct way of living and acting towards others, correct livelihood, correct aspirations and endeavour, correct mindfulness and the correct way of meditating. Unlike the Samsara or the Wheel of Suffering, the dharmachakra is the symbol that leads us away from suffering and towards Nirvana. It sits above the Never-ending Knot that promotes luck and fortune. This pendant symbolizes the balance of life that will lead you to success, happiness and wealth. Being able to attain all the teachings of the Wheel of Law releases you from suffering or Dukkha.

This is a good keepsake for those who want to be reminded of the virtues of Buddhism and those who want to invite positivity, luck and happiness in their lives.

Approximate size: 2″ x 1″

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