Phul's Moon - Quartz Pendant for Transformation



Quartz mounted on the horns of a cusp moon above the Sigil of Phul, the spirit of the Moon, for transformation. 


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Phul's Moon – Quartz Pendant for Transformation is a quartz crystal pendant shown on the Sigil of Phul. Phul, one of the Olympian spirits govern the powers of the Moon and Water. Quartz directly signifies the Moon and it's clarity and transformation. This pendant combines the ancient powers of Phul as he commands Water Spirits and the Moon to be one.

Quartz is one of the most common crystals that has many powers. It is also known as the universal crystal for it's translucent colour. It comes in many shades and colours, each attracting different energies. The quartz also is a stone that amplifies powers of the psychic mind, promotes clarity and calls upon transformation. This crystal also can carry and give messages and ancient secrets. It is a vessel crystal. Another good benefit of the quarts is the ability to fight negativity and evil spirits.

There are seven Olympian Spirits. Aratron the alchemist, ruler of Saturn. Bethor, the second in command, he rules the planet Jupiter. Phaleg, the War-God, he rules the planet Mars. Och, the fourth spirit. Och is the physician, magician, and also an alchemist. He hails from the Sun. Hagith, who changes metal and is like a blacksmith. He goes with the planet Venus. Ophiel, ruler of one hundred thousand legions and the Planet Mercury. Lastly, is the Spirit Phul. He has the delicate powers of the moon. He commands the changing Waters.

This pendant signifies the powers coming from Phul. He commands metals into silver. This is a signifier of transformation and cleansing. For those seeking change, healing and even promotion, a Sigil of Phul can help you get your heart's wishes. If you are planning to reinvent yourself or if you want to change your life, use this pendant to attract those energies.

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