Immortal Flight



Stunning gothic fairy figurine from the artwork of Anne stokes and produced by Nemesis Now.  Size approx. 18.5cm


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The Immortal Flight is a wonderfully created figurine by artist Anne Stokes. It shows a beautiful fairy with luminescent wings leaning on a pool. But she is no ordinary fairy. She came from the heart of the Moors and is strong and courageous avenger. Her wings are of dragon wings but formed in the shape to look like butterfly wings. Each wing is leather like and strong. It can blow away her enemies. They are blue and iridescent. On her body are tattooed runes which is a source of a certain magick or power. She leans into a magickal pool hidden in cave. But instead of seeing herself, she sees a body of skulled figure much like a Lady of Death calling upon the gates of Hell. If you look closely at her wings, there is a skull behind her, much like the Spirit of Death hovering around her, which orders her to kill those who are unjust.

The Immortal Flight fairy is not an evil one, though she does rage death for certain people. She may have soft beautiful face, but she is ready to send the evil ones to the depths of hell. She is a vigilante fae, drawing her hidden sword when it is needed to cast justice. She is a warrior maiden, much like the Valkyrie of Odin.

Let the Immortal Flight Fairy figurine come to your abode now. Allow her to defend you against evil that wishes to harm you. She is both beautiful and dangerous. Gentle yet ruthless.  

A totally amazing ornament!

Size approx. 18.5cm

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