Dragons Celtica - Y



The head of a dragon lurks beneath this pool of celtic spring.


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Long long time ago, dragons roamed freely on earth. When men were born to this planet at first they befriended the dragons. But men became jealous of the beauty and magick. Dragons were known to guard treasures, magick and secrets. One of the well known places that dragons guard are lakes and pools of water.

In the Isles of Celtics where the land is lush and green, dragons lie sleeping in the pools of water. Many legends talk about a beautiful young woman rising from the mist of the waters but in truth is that she is really a dragon who transformed herself into a human maiden.

This alluring ring gives you a beautiful crystal blue stone with a head of a dragon peering out. It also has ornate celtic knots looping around it to complete the mystical design. Wear it as a symbol of your mysterious side and as a talisman to give you tranquillity, wisdom and success.

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